When you really want to buy something, but haven't been able to try it yet, what do you do? How can you be sure that a product is exactly the tool you need without ever seeing it in person?  With our Try Before You Buy program, you will get access to rent certain products from select manufacturers at a steep discount. This allows you the opportunity to get the product in your hands then out into the field to test it out for yourself!

See the specific brand below for details on the discount.


Our Try Before You Buy program with Light & Motion allows you to rent any Stella light
or package below for 4 days* for FREE. You will only pay for shipping. This allows you to put
what would have paid in rental fees towards purchasing the item if you decide to buy after you tried it out.

Follow the instructions below to take part in this program:
1. Add any of the items below to your cart
2. Select your rental period using the calendar
3. Use coupon code jc2uv9 to receive 4 days at no cost

Stella Pro 10000c LED Light
Stella Pro 5000 Waterproof LED Light
Stella Pro 7000 LED Light
Stella Pro 125 Kit


*Your rental may be longer than 4 days. For example, if you place a rental for 7 days and use the discount code above, it will calculate 4 days for free and charge you for 3 days.